I'm Frederik Kammer.

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Hi there!

I am a freelance software engineer for web applications with years of experience. My biggest strength is being able to mediate between non-technical shareholders and development teams.

At the age of 15, I founded my first own company and started developing web-based software for schools. Being a developer, product owner and business owner in one for almost 15 years leaves me with an outstanding experience in product management of complex web applications. Recently, I have been working with clients to redesign their business processes through digitalization and helping to develop complex backend APIs.

I like to conquer business cases from a user's perspective. Having an eye for edge cases in user stories and finding practical solutions to them is a particular strength of mine. I design backends with an API-first approach and have profound knowledge on REST and GraphQL best practices, as well as security considerations and open standards like OAuth 2.0 for authentication.

If you're looking for someone to help with software development, we should talk!

My areas of expertise

Microservice ArchitectureIdentity ManagementEntity ModelingAPI DesignNestJS FrameworkWeb SecuritySmart Contracts

My general developer skills

JavaScriptNode.jsReactAngularDockerAWSRelational DatabasesOAuth 2.0Web3Continuous IntegrationTest Driven DevelopmentAgile Project ManagementClean Code